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Nov 1, 2012 12:00pm EDT
obama visited some of the area's most devastated by hurricane sandy. as daniel lee reports, people are hanging onto the president's promises their communities will be restored. >> today marks another day toward recovery, but for people evacuated from the jersey shore, it is also another day lost from their home. three days after sandy left the northeast in crisis, finally, science of recovery. >> we are all working together to make sure the new jersey moves ahead. >> police say they are making progress clearing roads left impassible by sand and homes tossed into the street. >> you feel you are going to wake up any minute. it is sickening. >> for evacuees who have not been allowed back to see their homes, the wait is agonizing. >> what can you do? hopefully everybody can rebuild. >> in hoboken, people are pumping murky floodwater out of garages. in queens, assessing the damages to more than 100 burned out homes. in jersey city, a line for gasoline 100 cars long. in brooklyn, waiting for public transportation. those devastated by sandy moving on but still struggling to assess what ha
Nov 2, 2012 12:00pm EDT
with 100 supporters, politicians, and celebrities. in virginia last night, a makeup before hurricane sandy, he argued that the resident is running out of steam. >> he was talking abut saving characters on "sesame street" and playing word games with my name and attacking me on a regular basis, a tax he knows are not true. >> president obama also visits the seven states between now and election day with a focus on ohio, is must-win state. he will be there every day between now and the election. >> al qaeda as been decimated, osama bin laden is dead. we have made real progress these past four years. >> how will it shakeout on tuesday? >> romney has a 50-50 chance to win the popular vote. it is harder to see him winning the electorial vote. >> a possible split verdict from a nation deeply divided, and anxious to end this very long campaign. >> baltimore city police are investigating a shooting involving a licensed security guard. officers found a man suffering a gunshot wounds at the 500 block of west franklin st. phone 8 econo 25 last night. a preliminary investigation reveals that the victim
Nov 7, 2012 12:00pm EST
to 9 feet, which is exactly what we saw with sandy. they got the majority of the sand out of the parking lot. they are concerned that, during high tide, it will push back sand that game. as far as ocean city officials, they are still monitoring the storm and will make decisions on any sort of emergency preparations later today. it is not super storm sandy, but the waves crashing and certainly remind you of it. a nor'easter is expected to hit the ocean city area later this afternoon with sustained winds of 30 miles per hour and gusts of 40 miles per hour with a rain-snow mixed. they're still monitoring the storm and have not put any emergency plans in place. the biggest concern will be flooding, especially areas below 17th street associated with storm surge. we spoke with a local volunteer firefighter about how he and other emergency personnel are readying themselves for the storm. >> we met with them last night. they told us it would basically be flooding and stuff like that, nothing really big like what we had with sandy. >> once again, a live look at the ocean. it is pre
Nov 8, 2012 12:00pm EST
after super storm sandy, the northeast has turned into a winter scene. in new york, roughly 60,000 residents lost power wednesday, bringing the total to 370,000 customers, including those who lost power last week. some areas received as much as 6-11 inches of snow. >> the season's first winter storm to strike the northeast continues its trek northward, beating communities with strong wind. meanwhile, people already battered by hurricane sandy last week barely waited for the sun to rise before starting to clean up again. >> the good news is we have not seen the kind of damage we saw with hurricane sandy. >> really was out power -- maria was without power for two days after hurricane sandy. that lost power again after the nor'easter. several inches of snow blanketed the region, setting -- setting a record for snowfall in the big apple. 100,000 people in the dark, possibly for the second time in just over a week. >> i went out to go to the store, and i came back and my house was black and the kids were frantic. no heat. >> across the country, airlines canceled more than 1000 fligh
Nov 9, 2012 12:00pm EST
. health -- help on the way for those ravaged by sandy. courtesy of the orioles. they are filling up trucks with food, blankets and other supplies to send to union beach, toms river, new jersey. you can visit camden yards today until 5:00 p.m. the american red cross is one of dozens of agencies that of stepped in to help in sandy's aftermath. but baltimore red cross employees said it might go on strike next week if they cannot reach a contract agreement. local officials said they got a 311 that workers could strike. could involve about 50 employees who support the blood drive operations. >> it comes at a really unfortunate time. we are really trying to work together with the community and rally around and put our arms around the community members. we are very disappointed at the timing. >> officials say blood supply has been impacted by sandy which forced the cancellation of about 375 blood drives in 13 states and washington, d.c. coming up on 11 news at noon, and massive blaze lights of the burbank sky. what investigators say fuelled this. and fuel in short supply after sandy in their york
Nov 14, 2012 12:00pm EST
cars damaged by hurricane sandy. stores across the country and not think it will open their doors on thanksgiving night instead of on the morning of black friday. now target employees are challenging the decision. a group of holiday workers are celebrating -- circulating a petition asking the company not to open on thursday night in order to give them time at home with their families. whether you are shopping or traveling, you will have plenty of company on the roads. more americans are expected to travel this thanksgiving, and there are some positives. >> more americans will hit the road this thanksgiving, but they will spend a little less. that is according to aaa, which forecast -- which forecast 43.3 million travelers. take of the factors behind the numbers relate primarily to the economy, and the economy is still sluggish, but there is improvement. >> average spending is expected to drop $56 from last year. the average distance down 16%. the vast majority will go by car. more than 49 million with gas prices expected on par wi last year's national averages. the number of air p
Nov 15, 2012 12:00pm EST
caused by superstorm sandy. he will likely visit the hardest-hit areas like staten island and the rockaways. some residents are still without power two weeks after the storm. president obama will also thank first responders for their efforts. still to come, the maker of wonder bread and twinkies may be forced to close its doors. >> we have some clouds that block the sun and a little bit. what >> there is a chance you could pay a new tax when you go to thithe store to pay for food for your bets. state lawmakers met in to discuss agistratio surcharge on registration fees. it would be the third such tax on a bag of food for cats or dogs. the maker of wonder bread and twinkies says it will close its doors permanently of the striking workers don't return to work today. officials for hostess said that they will ask a judge for permission to liquidate the entire company, is enough of its striking employees return to work by the end of the day. hostess filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy the second time in three years. if the motion is granted, hostess would stop operations as soon as
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7